• WIDE APPLICATION - The swinging lawn mower has forever changed the way gardeners weed, inflate, cover and grow their gardens. It works by using a push-pull motion to cut the grass roots deep below the surface. The tool can reduce the weeding time by half.
  • EDGING TOOL - It can be used as a trimming tool to maintain the boundary of the garden bed. Shuffle the grass along the edge of the garden to prevent the grass runners from climbing into the garden and becoming weeds. Ideal for home gardening and landscaping.
  • SUSTAINABLE - Using our environmental tools, you will learn about your plants and the earth. Our action hoe is designed with an ergonomic ash handle from a government controlled forest certified by the Forest Management Council (FSC). This regulates the use of wood and the planting of trees to achieve a greener environment.
Material Wood, Stainless Steel
Color Original
Brand Berry&Bird
LxWxH 1615 x 128 x 35 mm
Weight 1.15 kg
Style Garden
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Grip Type Ergonomic
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